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Once you make your booking, by default you accept these terms and conditions.

Online Privacy

By personal information, we mean data that is unique to an individual, such as a name, address, e-mail address, or telephone number. From time to time, we may request personal information from you on our site in order to deliver requested materials to you, respond to your questions, or deliver a product or service.

Any non-public personal information that you may provide via our site will be used solely for the purpose stated on the page where it is collected. (In some cases and in all cases where required by law or regulation, you will be able to update the information that you provide to us either by sending us an e-mail or. Please refer to the specific pages where data is collected for more information.)

When you choose to make an order, we collect your details to process your order and to improve our service to you. These details will never be shared with a third party and will be held securely in our database. Your credit card details are passed on immediately for payment processing; we never receive or store your credit card details anywhere on our servers. 

MypersonalBudapest will not sell, license, transmit or disclose this information outside of MypersonalBudapest and its affiliated companies unless (a) expressly authorised by you, (b) necessary to enable MypersonalBudapest contractors or agents to perform certain functions for us, or (c) required or permitted by law.
In all cases, we will disclose the information consistent with applicable laws and regulations and we will require the recipient to protect the information and use it only for the purpose it was provided.

Any external links to other websites are clearly identifiable as such, and we are not responsible for the content or the privacy policies of these other websites.


Terms & Conditions

(Please read carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations. Once you begin your tour, by default you accept these terms and conditions.)

Once ‘ANNOVÁK BETÉTI ÉS KERESKEDELMI SZOLGÁLTATÓ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP’ confirms your booking, a contract is made between ‘ANNOVÁK BETÉTI ÉS KERESKEDELMI SZOLGÁLTATÓ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP ‘ and you upon the terms and conditions set out below. ‘ANNOVÁK BETÉTI ÉS KERESKEDELMI SZOLGÁLTATÓ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP ‘ hereinafter referred to as ‘we’, will only confirm your booking once we have received full payment for your tour.

1. Booking

Application deadline is 48 hours before the start of your tour (for example if tour is announced for a Friday, application deadline is 9.00 am Wednesday Hungarian time/CET time before that particular Friday)
Please note that we operate the tour from a minimum of 4 participants. Once you make your booking, by default you accept this criteria.
Once full payment is made you will be allocated a place/places on our tour and you can expect to receive your preliminary confirmation that will be emailed to you. This is the summary of your booking. This should be printed and saved for own reference.
Application deadline is 48 hours before the start of your tour. You can expect to hear from us one more time after the application deadline expired and no later than 20-24 hours before your tour is supposed to start. This second email from us will include final information of your tour.
If we don’t have enough participants (at least 4) by the application deadline for the date you booked, ANNOVÁK BETÉTI ÉS KERESKEDELMI SZOLGÁLTATÓ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP reserves the right to cancel the tour. We don’t intend to leave you without a tour and we will offer you a quality replacement tour- with an itinerary of your choice. Possible price differences will be settled on the tour day.
If you choose not to take this replacement tour, we will of course give you a refund. This refund equals the money you paid reduced by our paypal fee and also reduced by the value of your Parliament tickets 
Please note that the Parliament tickets are gifts from us to you only if we have enough people on the Soul Tour so it can be operated.
In any event the Hungarian Soul Tour does not take place, regardless of the reason, please note that we will charge for the Parliament tickets.

You will be informed about the cancellation no later than 20-24 hours before your tour is supposed to start. With your booking you agree and accept that if there are not enough participants for the tour then ‘ANNOVÁK BETÉTI ÉS KERESKEDELMI SZOLGÁLTATÓ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP ‘ can cancel the Hungarian Soul tour within 48 hours prior to the tour (after the expiry of the application deadline)
Please note that application deadline is 48 hours before the start of your tour.

Once you begin you tour, you accept and abide by these terms and conditions.
We accept no responsibility for incorrect email or inability to deliver email. If your confirmation does not arrive on time or at all, then you must ask us to resend the email confirmation of the tours you have paid for. All internet bookings will be confirmed by email.
We reserve the right to sell any places reserved without full payment or a deposit.
It is the responsibility of the passenger to check the accuracy of dates booked upon receipt of their travel documents.

2. Insurance

There is no travel insurance cover included in the price of the ticket.
We strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive insurance cover for cancellation, medical expenses, personal accident, personal baggage, money and public liability before you travel.
We take no responsibility for any injuries or loss to you incurred whilst you are taking part in any optional activities that are outside our all inclusive package. We accept no responsibility for the theft, loss or damage to personal belongings from at any time during the duration of your tour.

3. Cancellation

If you wish to cancel your reservation for any reason, you must use the cancellation link displayed in your confirmation email that you received from us.
Cancellation is not valid by any other method. 
Application deadline for the next tour is 9.00 am CET time two days prior to the tour.
Because it is feasible to operate the tour only from a minimum of 4 participants any cancellations significantly impact the organization and the implementation of the tour.
If you cancel your tour with a minimum of a 72 hours notice before your tour we will charge you a cancellation fee of EUR 15/person, and will transfer back the appropriate amount to your account (prepaid amount minus cancellation fee)
If you cancel your tour within 72-61 hours before your tour we will charge you a cancellation fee of EUR 40/person, and will transfer back the appropriate amount to your account (prepaid amount minus cancellation fee)
We pay no refund for cancellations within 61 hours before the tour departure (which is 8.00 pm CET time 2 and a half days before your tour).
If you do not cancel the reservation prior to the start of the tour, the entire prepaid amount will be forfeited.
If you are late from the departure of the tour or are a no show, you will get no refund for the tour that you have booked as we have reserved a place for you and we are obliged to pay your part of fee for our service providers.

MypersonalBudapest reserves the right to cancel customer's reservation if customer cannot be reached via email/phone after the booking was made. If customer does not respond back to MypersonalBudapest's request to confirm customer's intention of touring with MypersonalBudapest, MypersonalBudapest reserves the right to cancel customer's reservation any time. 

4. Changes by us

We reserve the right to change our typical itineraries at any time and at our discretion. As professionals we will endeavour to avoid this and if this is necessary, we will substitute alternative arrangements of comparable monetary value.
We reserve the right to alter our itinerary in the event of happenings outside the control of ANNOVÁK BETÉTI ÉS KERESKEDELMI SZOLGÁLTATÓ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP
This includes out/leaks of ‘foot and mouth’ or other contagious diseases, revolution, national or local strikes and/or protests, social disorder, political unrest.
We are constantly striving to make our tours even more brilliant than they are perceived by many to be, therefore should attractions open or become open to us, that we feel will enhance your experience of our beloved motherland then we reserve the right to include these in your best interests.
We reserve the right to decrease the price of our tours at any time.

5. Your ticket(s) to the House of Parliament tour
The Hungarian Parliament reserves the right to cancel any Parliament visits due to programs of the Parliament or state protocol events even directly before the visit. 
We take no responsibility for any changes made by the House of Parliament. Further, we take no responsibility for the quality of these tours in the House of Hungarian Parliament. 

6. Travelling

Your appointed Tour Guide may need to make a decision in the interests of safety. It is a condition of bookings that you comply with the authority and decisions of the appointed representative of ANNOVÁK BETÉTI ÉS KERESKEDELMI SZOLGÁLTATÓ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP
 If you do not comply with the said representative and are not compatible with the general enjoyment and well being of members of the tour, we reserve the right to refuse to allow you to continue the tour. In such a case we will not be liable for any refund, compensation or any additional costs incurred by you. We cannot accept liability for the behaviour of others on your tour nor if any facilities are curtailed as a result of their actions.
It is your responsibility to meet your tour at the arrange point mand time in the morning.
Because of the nature of the service, ANNOVÁK BETÉTI ÉS KERESKEDELMI SZOLGÁLTATÓ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP will not be liable if any service leaves or arrives later than its specified time. ANNOVÁK BETÉTI ÉS KERESKEDELMI SZOLGÁLTATÓ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP will endeavour to ensure that departure and arrival times are met.

7. Your obligations and responsibilities

You must inform us in writing of any medical condition that’s requires attention or medication before your tour commences.
It is your responsibility to have all necessary visas, passports, permits and certificates required for your selected itinerary as well as any necessary vaccinations and to comply with all applicable laws. During your tour your tour guide may take photographs and films of you (as part of a group) while you are a passenger and these may be used in our Group /brochures and/or advertising and publicity material without obtaining any further consent or payment in respect of such photographs and/or films.
When you book with us, you accept responsibility for any damage or loss caused by you. Full payment for any such damage or loss must be paid at the time direct to the owner or manager or other supplier. If you fail to do so, you will be responsible for meeting any claims (including legal costs) subsequently made against us as a result of your actions.
You are obliged to respect the right of residents living close to any stops made while on tour.

8. Complaints

In the highly unlikely event that you may wish to make a formal complaint against ANNOVÁK BETÉTI ÉS KERESKEDELMI SZOLGÁLTATÓ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Please inform the ANNOVÁK BETÉTI ÉS KERESKEDELMI SZOLGÁLTATÓ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Representative at the time. If the matter cannot be resolved immediately or during your trip after the Representative’s best endeavours to do so, your complaint should be made in writing to ANNOVÁK BETÉTI ÉS KERESKEDELMI SZOLGÁLTATÓ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP as soon as is reasonably possible after the tour, but within 30 days thereof so that your complaint can be investigated. ANNOVÁK BETÉTI ÉS KERESKEDELMI SZOLGÁLTATÓ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Tours will not consider any claims after the 30-day period. You will be assured of respect and courtesy whilst your complaint is being dealt with.

9. Weather Conditions

Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for weather conditions. No ticket can be cancelled or amended by you at any time on the basis of weather conditions. We accept no responsibility for weather conditions that may affect the delivery and implementation of our itinerary.

10. No Smoking Policy

We do not permit smoking on any of our vehicles.

11. General

The booking conditions detailed herein contain the entire contract between you and ANNOVÁK BETÉTI ÉS KERESKEDELMI SZOLGÁLTATÓ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP
No representation, term, warranty or condition can be expressed or implied by reference to any other writing, advertisement or conversation. This contract may only be varied in writing by a duly authorised officer of ANNOVÁK BETÉTI ÉS KERESKEDELMI SZOLGÁLTATÓ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP
This contract and all matters arising out of it are governed by Hungarian law. We both agree that any dispute, claim or other matter which arises out of or in connection with this contract or your holiday will be dealt with by the Courts of the Republic of Hungary only. Changes to these Booking Conditions will only be valid if agreed by ANNOVÁK BETÉTI ÉS KERESKEDELMI SZOLGÁLTATÓ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP in writing.
ANNOVÁK BETÉTI ÉS KERESKEDELMI SZOLGÁLTATÓ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP and The appointed representative of ANNOVÁK BETÉTI ÉS KERESKEDELMI SZOLGÁLTATÓ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP reserve the right to make changes in the itinerary necessary because of unseen circumstences any time during the tour.
ANNOVÁK BETÉTI ÉS KERESKEDELMI SZOLGÁLTATÓ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP cannot be held responsible for changes in the itinerary arising from unforeseen circumstances.

MypersonalBudapest tours are operated by:

Annovák unlimited partnership
H-1185 Budapest 
Nap utca 28

Tel: +36-70-428-8848

General Terms and Conditions


MypersonalBudapest is a touristic service belonging to Annovák unlimited partnership. The company is incorporated in the register of companies in Hungary under the number 01-06727868 and has its registered office at Nap utca 28 , 1185 Budapest, Hungary. The company provides to the Customer a service for reservation of activities, and other travel arrangements.

Customer means a person (natural or legal) using the services of MypersonalBudapest.com . In case the Customer is a natural person it has to be an adult according to the law of the Hungarian Republic (18 years of age) and according to the law of its home country. Group means the organised group of Customers, represented by Leader.

Leader (leader of the Group) means a person (natural or legal) making the reservation on behalf of Customers organised into the Group. The Leader is responsible for communication between MyPersonalBudapest.com and the Group members.

Activity means a social event arranged by MyPersonalBudapest.com. It doesn't include accommodation. Reservation form is the electronic sheet operated on the web page of MyPersonalBudapest.com. Its submission to the MyPersonalBudapest.com means a contractual offer with all legal consequences. In the case when Customer or Leader is a legal person, it has to be signed by a person authorised to act on its behalf. Supplier means a person or persons providing the Services or their agents or employees.

Supplier means a person (natural or legal) participating (partially or fully) in the realisation of any programs part of the services provided by MypersonalBudapest, or helping in any ways in the services provided by MypersonalBudapest. Such supplier may include the followings (not exclusively): persons providing a car or a bus for city-tours, persons providing any meals, persons organising a folklore program, boat companies, art-craft artists, wine-makers, tour-guides, etc.

Conclusion of the contract

The reservation by the Customer of any services provided by MypersonalBudapest and defined on the present website is considered as a declaration of intent for using the services defined on the present web-site. The contractual conditions related to the using of the services shall be defined according to the followings: MypersonalBudapest sends the contractual conditions related to the using of the services in writing to the Customer after the reservation request has been filled by the Customer. The contract between the parties is concluded by the written confirmation of the contractual conditions by both Parties. The contract constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties concerning the subject matter hereof and supersede all prior and other agreements, undertakings, negotiations and discussions.

Should any provision of the contract be invalid or legally unenforceable, or if a court of competent jurisdiction or a competent authority establishes the invalidity or the absence of the legal enforceability thereof, it shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of the contract unless the Parties would not have entered into the contract without such invalid unenforceable provision, and the Parties shall fully co-operate in good faith to substitute such provisions with a mutually acceptable, valid and legally enforceable provision.

The present Terms and Conditions shall be applied to all matters not regulated in the contract.

The contract related to the Service of MypersonalBudapest.com is effective and shall come into force when the Customer accepts "MypersonalBudapest.com"’s detailed personal offer (the contractual conditions) and informs MypersonalBudapest.com about the acceptation by e-mail, unless specified otherwise or unless different arrangements are agreed upon in a specific case.MypersonalBudapest ‘s confirmation e-mail shall include the detailed information and documentation relevant to the Customer's order, the price calculation and the term in which the payment is due. The Customer shall check all the details of the order as described in the confirmation e-mail, because any late complaints shall not be taken into consideration and MypersonalBudapest.com is not liable for any loss or damage arising from the negligence of the Customer. Availability of the services ordered by the Customer is not guaranteed until MypersonalBudapest.com receives the price calculated in the confirmation e-mail. Payment conditions are described in personal offer sent by MypersonalBudapest. If the price is not paid in the term set fourth in the confirmation e-mail, MypersonalBudapest.com reserves the right to cancel Customer's travel arrangements and to withdraw from the contract. Whereas all Services and Activities are provided by MypersonalBudapest.com´s Suppliers, MypersonalBudapest.com is not responsible for its actual availability. In the case when MypersonalBudapest.com is unable to make arrangements as ordered by Customer in the Reservation form, it would inform the Customer immediately and offer him an alternative arrangement. Whereas the substantial change of the Customer's order would occur and it would also affect the price, the contract is concluded in such a case only upon payment of the price, which means the Customer's consent with the change of the order. MypersonalBudapest.com does however reserve the right to make minor changes of the arrangements set fourth in the Customer's order, provided that this would not affect the price and the quality of the Services and will inform Customer as soon as possible of any such changes (this would mean e.g. the change of the Supplier or time schedule).MypersonalBudapest.com may offer price discount for the Customer in case it is justified by the nature of any changes. MypersonalBudapest.com also reserves the right to change or to cancel the Service in a case it should not comply (by the fault of the Supplier) the safety, hygienic or other standards required by Hungarian legislature. In such a case Article 2.6. shall apply appropriately and/or MypersonalBudapest.com shall reimburse the relevant portion of the price to the Customer. Upon the acceptance of these terms and conditions the Customer is obligated to follow terms and conditions of MypersonalBudapest.com ´s Suppliers when using the Services or participating on the Activities.


MypersonalBudapest.com shall provide the Customer by all necessary safety equipment if the usage of such safety equipment is required by Hungarian legislature or recommended by Supplier. The Customer hereby confirms that he/she will observe all safety instructions and legal regulations provided by MypersonalBudapest.com or the Supplier. MypersonalBudapest.com is not liable for any loss or damage arising from the negligence of the Customer, or any other misuse of the Service caused by the Customer. MypersonalBudapest.com also reserves the right to cancel the performance of the Service or exclude any persons from Service in the case Customers do not observe relevant safety instructions and/or legal regulations without the right for indemnity.


MypersonalBudapest.com’s Suppliers have the liability for constancy and quality of Services provided by MypersonalBudapest.com ’ Suppliers. MypersonalBudapest.com has no liability for any legal and/or factual aspect of the Service ordered by Customer, except of that arising from booking and it excludes the liability for any loss or damage, personal injury, harm or death, which results from the Supplier’s Service or which is in connection with the Suppliers’ Service. Whereas all Services are provided by MypersonalBudapest.com ´s Suppliers, MypersonalBudapest.com do not provide the assurance that they are maintained or operated in the manner as presented by the Supplier or in compliance with safety, hygienic or other standards required by Hungarian legislature. Therefore MypersonalBudapest.com excludes any liability for a false representation or breach of implied warranties of any kind and does not accept liability for any loss or harm arising thereof. MypersonalBudapest.com also excludes any liability for an act of omission beyond its control or an influence of force major.

Due to the fact that MypersonalBudapest.com fulfils the services offered by the usage and participation of Suppliers, consequently MypersonalBudapest.com is not liable for the damages and delays arising from the default, the misperformance or delayed performance of the Supplier.


Customer uses the touristic services transmitted or organised by MypersonalBudapest.com for Customer’s own responsibility. However, Services provided by MypersonalBudapest.com do not mean for the Customer any relevant risk. MypersonalBudapest.com does not provide any insurance. Therefore it is the responsibility of the Customer to insure himself properly in dependence on a sort of planned activities and especially in respect to the ordered Services. MypersonalBudapest.com reserves the right to cancel this contract or particular Service, 20 days before the commencement day of Service without refund or the right for an indemnity in case the Customer is not insured to cover all risks arising or associated with this contract, Service or Activity in particular.


MypersonalBudapest.com does not charge any fees for changes and amendments of the travel arrangements. Amendments shall be made only in writing. In the case when MypersonalBudapest.com is unable to change the travel arrangements after Customer's reservation according to the new requirements of the Customer and the Customer doesn't accept the original travel arrangements, MypersonalBudapest is entitled to cancel the whole order.

Late arrival and delays

MypersonalBudapest.com reserves the right to cancel Services without refund in case of late arrival or absence of the Customer.

In the case if any delays occur due to cases for which Customer is not responsible (eg. delay of the airplane), Parties shall cooperate in order to modify the date confirmed in writing by common consent.

Amendments and cancelations made vox

MypersonalBudapest.com reserves the right to amend or cancel Customer's travel arrangements in case of force major, which include war, threat of war, riots, civil strike, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disasters, fire and other similar circumstances beyond MypersonalBudapest.com ´s control. If any of these occurs earlier than 3 days before the first day of service provided by MypersonalBudapest.com MypersonalBudapest.com is obliged to refund the deposit paid by The Customer. In other cases MypersonalBudapest.com is not obliged to refund the deposit. MypersonalBudapest.com shall also amend or cancel Customer's travel arrangements in case the Customer's health conditions may affect his/her or others well-being negatively or MypersonalBudapest.com considers any of the Services too dangerous or inappropriate.

General obligations of the parties

The Customer is obliged to pay the price as agreed, to follow the instructions of its guide or instructor, to indemnify all induced damages and to arrive in time to the specified place for starting the ordered holiday properly. MypersonalBudapest.com is obliged to facilitate the Services as agreed, in defined and agreed standards. MypersonalBudapest.com is also obliged to provide Customer with all necessary information.

Claims and complains

Customer is supposed to solve the claims and complains in respect to the specific Services with the relevant Supplier. In case the Customer is unable to do so from the reasons of objective nature, the claims and complains should be submitted to MypersonalBudapest.com either using the phone number+36 70-428-8848, or to the mail address of MypersonalBudapest.com. The claims and complains shall indicate all the relevant information. MypersonalBudapest.com shall inform the Customer about its claim resolution not later then 30 days from the submission of the claim to MypersonalBudapest.com .

Privacy policy

MypersonalBudapest.com saves Customer's personal data according to the Act. Nr. 63/1992. The Customer agrees that it should be used for the marketing purposes, however MypersonalBudapest.com is not entitled to provide them to any third party. The Customer is entitled to ask for his/her personal data and for its change or deletion.

Governing law and arbitration

These Terms And Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Hungary.

For questions not regulated herein the provisions of the Civil Code of Hungarian Republic shall apply.

Any dispute or difference between the parties relating to the rights or obligations of the parties under this Terms And Conditions as well as to validity, interpretation or termination of the contract between parties shall be referred to the Competent Court of Budapest.

The Hungarian Laws and the Hungarian legal system as the foundation for the present Terms and Conditions have been harmonised with the legal system of European Union.