Private country-side tours (available any day of the week)

Why should you visit Hungarian countryside?
- it is extremely charming
- likeable
- calm and not crowded
- rich in history
- cheap
- all regions are close to Budapest 


Private day tour to one of Europe's top hidden treasures regions*: Lake Balaton tour (with optional winery visit)

   Lake Balaton is an eternal love for Hungarians. There is no Hungarian who would not want to have a house by the lake. I am no exception....
   When I feel like just driving and want some private time, this is where I go to...
   Its turquoise colour is really therapeutical. 

   * Europe's top hidden treasure regions by Mastercard

  Lake Balaton tour: description and itinerary



Private Danube Bend tour

The Danube Bend is a worthy and splendid region for the Danube just before it would arrive in beautiful Budapest. A region full of history, beauty and nature. I am so happy it is just "around     the corner" for us living in Budapest. And yet, a totally different world...

 The charming Danube Bend tour: description and itinerary






Private 3-4 hour wine cellar tour (in Etyek, just outside of Budapest)

Highly recommended for wine-, and countryside lovers who also love to taste local flavours!

Etyek: gently rolling hills, family-run wineries, high quality wines, top-gastronomy with local flavours, nice people, idyll. A small paradise. And very close to Budapest.
Participating in a wine tasting in Etyek is perfect for you if you want to taste wines in an idyllic ambience but have limited time in Hungary. These wines cannot be found in grocery stores! 

Etyek half day wine tasting: tour description